Throw Your Party At The Best Baby Shower Venues NJ

Throw an unforgettable private party at the best baby shower locations in NJ. Showers are a fantastic way celebrate the expected birth of a new child – as well as giving the soon-to-be parents all the supplies needed for success. As a mommy-to-be yourself, you obviously want to choose the most spectacular, memorable, and extravagant location this monumental celebration. At Waterside, you’re sure to be showered with lots of love, happiness, and well wishes! Looking to throw a magical baby or bridal shower in NJ? Read on to learn about hosting a party at the best baby shower event venue NJ.

Choose The Perfect Location

Before you start planning, book a private event room at the most amazing baby shower venues in New Jersey. Have a rough estimate of your guest count in mind at this point. This way, you can find a location with plenty of space for all your friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones. To make your shower truly unique and extravagant, choose a luxurious waterfront event venue on the Hudson River – complete with captivating and unobstructed NYC skyline views. Celebrate in style here, with riverfront and cityscape vistas as your backdrop. You can even incorporate the outdoors into your stylish baby shower event. At Waterside, our outdoor landing is perfect for breathtaking photo-ops and some alcohol-free mocktails before the party.

Pick A Date

Once you’ve found a top-rated baby shower location NJ, pick a date for your celebration. The best time to host your baby shower is typically when you’re 25 to 35 weeks pregnant. At this point, you’ll still feel vibrant, energetic, and happy. Your bump will also be comfortable and manageable – great for shower photo-ops. With an earlier date, you also have plenty of times to organize your gifts, make returns (if necessary), and purchase whatever is still missing. Definitely, pick a date to host your VIP baby shower New Jersey.

Decide On Your Theme

Now that you’ve taken care of the basics, start thinking about your baby shower party theme NJ. This is where all the fun and excitement truly begins. A well-thought-out theme really brings all the little details together at your event. Once decided, you can infuse your theme into party invitations, décor, and design. Try to choose something that both the parents-to-be are passionate about. Start off with a specific color scheme, idea, hobby, or activity. Some of the most popular themes we’ve seen include elephants, balloons, rubber duckies, and outer space. You can even adorn your shower with a creative slogan like “The Adventure Begins,” or “Oh Boy!” Surely, decide on your theme to host the ultimate baby shower in North Jersey.

Finalize Your Guest List & Send Invitations

At this point, it is time to finalize your NJ baby shower guest list and send out official invitations. Since you’re hosting your special occasion at the best party venues Hudson County, you have plenty of room to host all your loved ones. Our unique and versatile event spaces are worthy of hosting any upscale shower celebration. Once you have everything settled, you’re ready to prepare and distribute invitations. Be sure to choose a template that reflects your baby shower theme. Absolutely, take some time to finalize your guest list and send out invitations for your baby shower near NYC.

Be The Guest Of Honor!

After all your hard work and planning, it’s time to relax and enjoy your New Jersey baby shower party. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the festivities. This party is all about the soon-to-be mom and baby-to-be. Order an alcoholic-free drink, greet your loved ones, and focus on having a great time. After the celebration, you’ll have lots of gifts from your registry to take home. Experienced members of our waitstaff team will help you get everything to your vehicles – so you don’t have to lift a finger on your big day. Indeed, don’t forget to relax and be the guest of honor at your Hudson River baby shower event.

There’s a few important steps to plan, design, and host a wonderful celebration at the best baby shower venues Hudson County NJ. Start off by booking a unique VIP party venue NJ. Next, start thinking about a fun, exciting, and memorable theme for your big celebration. Now, you are ready to start sending out party invitations. At your party, don’t forget to celebrate and be the guest of honor. After all, the party is all about you! Follow the points above to learn about hosting an unforgettable celebration at baby shower spots NJ.

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