Best Luxury Wedding Venues With NYC Skyline Views

Discover the most luxurious and unique NYC wedding venues with breathtaking skyline views. With wedding season officially upon us, newly-engaged couples are constantly searching for the most spectacular waterfront destinations. Weddings with a view simply scream modern luxury and timeless elegance. If you’ve always dreamed of getting married along with towering skyscrapers and cityscape vistas, you’re in luck. Right along the Hudson River, you’ll find the most picturesque wedding venues near Manhattan. Keep reading to learn about the best luxury wedding venues with New York City skyline views.

Incomparable City-Chic Luxury

The best wedding venues around NYC offer brides-to-be a unique blend of sophisticated modern luxury and timeless city-chic elegance. This incomparable combination welcomes guests – and couples alike – to experience an unforgettable event. Let the iconic New York City skyline serve as a striking focus and dramatic backdrop your memorable occasion. Enjoy mixologist-crafted cocktails and fresh hors d’oeuvres on the Hudson Riverfront – and watch as the illuminated Manhattan cityscape starts to come to life. Be amazed by New York City’s unstoppable hustle and bustle, while you celebrate in a luxurious waterfront retreat. Certainly, experience incomparable city-chic luxury at the best wedding venues outside of NYC.

Breathtaking Views In Every Space

Unobstructed Manhattan skyline views don’t stop when you head inside. Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the Hudson River and directly face the Manhattan cityscape. Luxurious ceremonies, cocktail hours, and receptions — all within an eyeshot of sweeping skyline views. Even from across the River, the Empire State Building, Hudson Yards, and Freedom Tower are all equally breathtaking. These spectacular rooms will certainly appeal to couples looking for modern city vibes and unforgettable experiences on their wedding day. Surely, take in sweeping skyline views from every space at the best wedding venues near the Upper West Side.

Undeniable Waterfront Charm

Located right on the Hudson River, the best wedding venues near NYC are renowned for unique and unrivaled waterfront charm. These state-of-the-art properties are located just steps away from the water. With a spacious outdoor terrace and expansive wall-to-wall windows – the Hudson River is an unmatched accent of Waterside’s luxurious venue. Our best-in-class location is sure to create a spectacular riverfront setting for ultra-exclusive wedding celebrations. Indeed, the best NYC wedding venues on the Hudson River are recognized for their undeniable waterfront charm.

Breathtaking Wedding Scene

Newly engaged couples can expect a breathtaking waterfront setting at the most unique wedding venues near Midtown – complete with all the luxurious bells and whistles. Our spectacular waterfront wedding venue offers an all-in-one setting for your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and after-party. So, you’ll have sweeping skyline views for every second of the most important day of your life. With unrivaled city vibes, opulent ballroom spaces, and breathtaking views – Waterside provides a truly unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance. Absolutely, expect a beautiful waterfront scene at the best luxury wedding venues near Manhattan.

Unparalleled Photo-Ops

The best wedding venues near New York City are a photographer’s dream. Manhattan’s iconic skyline is likely the most famous in the world. Wedding photos with skyscraper backdrops and waterfront vistas are simply unmatched in luxury and elegance. And, you don’t even need to travel to Manhattan anymore for that picture-perfect view. In fact, you’ll get some of the best skyline scenery from right here in New Jersey. Definitely, capture plenty of unsurpassed photo opportunities at the best wedding venues with New York City skyline views.

There’s so much to look for in a modern and luxurious wedding venues with Manhattan skyline views. These breathtaking locations are renowned for their incomparable, unable-to-replicate city-chic luxury. Guests will be amazed by the sweeping skyline views in every dedicated event space – both indoors and outdoors. The setting, vibes, and scenery here all create the perfect waterfront charm and ambiance. In a venue filled with unforgettable scenes, there are so many iconic photo-ops to capture. Follow the points above to learn about the most unique wedding venues with skyline views of New York City.

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