The Ultimate Guide To Exclusive Manhattan Wedding Venues You Need To Consider

There’s so much to consider before choosing exclusive, luxurious Manhattan wedding venues with a view. NYC is a VIP venue dream – complete with towering skyscrapers, bright city lights, and unforgettable charisma. However, it’s a lesser known secret that many of the best wedding locations lie across the Hudson River. Here, you can say “I Do” with the Hudon Riverfront and Manhattan cityscape as your backdrop. Get married at the best waterfront wedding venue near Edgewater NJ. Read on for a complete guide to exclusive Manhattan wedding venues you need to consider.

Choose A Prime Location

For a start, choose a perfectly-located, exclusive Manhattan wedding venue where you can see yourself tying the knot. If you have friends and family spread across the Tri-State-Area, choose somewhere that is convenient for all of your guests. Saved your loved ones the hassle of commuting into New York City in formal attire. Instead, host your affair at the most luxurious, exclusive, and scenic wedding venues along the Hudson River Waterfront. What better way to get an unforgettable, captivating, and panoramic view of the NYC cityscape? Guests will feel like they can touch the Manhattan cityscape from here. Indeed, choose a NJ wedding venue near Manhattan NYC with a prime geographic location.

Define Your Wedding Vision

Be sure to keep your desired wedding theme, feel, and vision in-mind when choosing the best Manhattan event venue. Start by imagining the desired style, tone, and emotions you want your wedding to evoke. Have you always picture something more intimate, luxurious, and romantic – or are you more of a modern vibrant, party-centric couple? Next, start designing your color palate. Think of something meaningful to both you, and your soon-to-be spouse. Once you have these different elements decided, everything else will start falling into place. Absolutely, take time to define your vision while searching for the most scenic wedding venue near NYC.

Take A Look At The Menu

Food makes a major impact on your wedding reception and overall guest experience. So, choose an event space on the Hudson River that is renowned for world-class, chef-inspired, and sustainably—sourced cuisine. This way, you can alleviate the headaches of searching and hiring outside caterers. Plan some flavorful, bold, and memorable menu options with the in-house culinary-institute-trained chef. Be sure to taste different dishes, entrees, and sides before finalizing the menu. Definitely, take a look at the menu while planning an exclusive affair at Manhattan NYC wedding venues.

Pick A Romantic Ceremony Location

Be sure to choose a Manhattan wedding venue with plenty of scenic, romantic, and exclusive locations for your ceremony. This is the big moment – where you officially exchange vows, say “I Do,” and seal it with a kiss. So, you want everything to be just perfect. Look for a venue with intimate riverfront chapels, with the Hudson and Manhattan cityscape as your backdrop. Is there a more beautiful, captivating, and magical backdrop for timeless wedding day photos? Plus, having your ceremony, cocktail, and reception all under one-roof tends to make things flow smoother and stress-free. Certainly, look for wedding venues near Manhattan NYC with plenty of scenic spots for your ceremony.

Ask About A Backup Plan B

If you plan on incorporating the outdoors into your wedding near Manhattan NYC, you should always have a Plan B in-mind. As such, choose an experienced, top-rated wedding venue near New York that can seamlessly accommodate a change-in-plans – without sacrificing on experience. For a worst-case scenario, experienced wedding coordination and service teams will help you move everything indoors. With expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll still have the same incredible views of the Manhattan skyline. This way, you can still keep the exclusivity, mature vibes, modern sophistication, and magic going on your special day. Surely, choose renowned Manhattan wedding venues that can easily and swiftly handle a backup Plan B.

There’s a few important elements to consider before choosing exclusive Manhattan wedding venues with a skyline view of NYC. Start by choosing the perfect location – right across the Hudson, just miles away from NYC. Next, take some time to think about your wedding vision. Before you decide on a memorable Hudson County wedding venue, take a look at the menu. Then, find a romantic, scenic, and photo-worthy spot for your ceremony. In case of inclement weather, you should also think about a backup plan B. Follow the points above for a complete guide to exclusive Manhattan wedding venues you need to consider.

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