The Best Outdoor Wedding Venue In North Bergen NJ

Host an unforgettable rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and after-party at the best outdoor wedding venue North Bergen. A romantic waterfront NJ wedding venue is the perfect choice for panoramic city views, flavorful cuisine, impeccable service, and lavish décor on your special day. Say your vows overlooking the Hudson River and bright New York City skyline. These riverfront destinations offer a modern, contemporary, and mature ambiance – combined with a welcoming atmosphere and aesthetic. As a bride or groom-to-be yourself, these intimate, beautiful locations provide the ideal backdrop for your once-in-a-lifetime experience. Read on to learn about hosting your special day at the best outdoor venue in North Bergen NJ.

Pick Your Dream Venue

As soon as you have your ideal date in mind, start scouting for the best outdoor wedding venue in North Jersey. You want to choose a sophisticated, beautiful, intimate, and romantic venue that aligns with your vision. Have your dream aesthetic, vision, and ambiance in mind before you start searching. If you’re planning a modern wedding, there’s nothing like getting married under the sparkling lights of New York City – just feet away from the Hudson River. This way, you can choose a stylish, elegant location that suits (and even improves) your dream wedding space. Surely, pick your dream destination to host your wedding at the best outdoor event venues in NJ.

Select A Theme

With your dream outdoor wedding venue in Hudson County, New Jersey chosen, it is time to think about your theme. Choose a unique concept, idea, or vision to design your wedding around. Once you have a stylistic view and vision in-place, the wedding reception planning process gets a whole lot easier. It will be far simpler to make design decisions, plan out cuisine, and create a cohesive feel. If you are having trouble finding inspiration, jot down some of your must-haves, likes, and dislikes. Indeed, select a theme when hosting your special day at an indoor and outdoor wedding location NJ.


Craft Your Guest List

Once you have an outdoor wedding venue NJ booked, you can begin working on your guest list. At Waterside Restaurant & Catering, you’ll have plenty of space to host all of your attendees. There’s plenty of space outside for ceremonies with spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline. Then, your guests can move inside – to the luxurious Pearl Gallery, Opal Ballroom, or Ocean Room. Whether your dream wedding is something simple or sophisticated and vibrant, our event venue is sure to turn your wedding vision into reality. Keep in mind your goals, vision, and preferred style when crafting your guest list for NJ wedding parties.

Design Your Reception Menu

Food is one of the most important elements of your wedding experience. Take time to design a gourmet, flavorful, and chef-inspired reception menu at your outdoor wedding venue North New Jersey. Curate a menu that offers your attendees something truly unique, creative, special, and memorable. Experienced, quality-driven catering consultants will work closely with you to plan the perfect menu. These service-oriented professionals will help you a set party menu that is fresh, local, and personal. They can also help you involve any dietary restrictions or requirements into the mix – so that you’re able to cater to everyone’s tastes on your special day. For traditional sit-down dinners, you can then have your menus printed and ornately laid on tables once ready.


Send Out Your Invitations

You’re finally ready to send out your wedding invitations. On your cards, be sure to clearly include the date, time, theme, and location of your wedding venue North Bergen. Once the invites are out, your special day will feel that-much-more real. When sending these out, don’t overlook anybody. Send out one invitation per married couple, and clearly print their names on the outer envelope. You should also indicate whether or not a “Plus One” will be allowed. Definitely, send out invitations to plan the dream event at NJ riverfront wedding venues.

Get Some Inspiration And Ideas

To help you plan the perfect outdoor wedding North Bergen, you’ll need to get some creative inspiration, ideas, and vision. Most couples have already spent lots of time and energy thinking about their perfect wedding day. If you haven’t yet, there’s no better time to start. There are lots of unique places to gain some creative inspiration – including online websites, mobile apps, and wedding magazine subscriptions. You can even look back in your camera roll for inspiring weddings you’ve attended in the past. Definitely, get some exciting inspiration and ideas when planning your indoor/outdoor wedding event North Bergen NJ.


Schedule A Food Tasting

A few months out, your North Bergen wedding venue will invite you to come taste the cuisine. Schedule a time to come in with your bridal party, friends, and special someone. During your dining experience, taste all the flavorful dishes that will be on the roster at your reception. Afterwards, you can make any updates, additions, or tweaks to your event menu. Maybe you tried our fritto misto, baked eggplant, or fresh gulf shrimp “al ajillo” – and simply need to have them on your wedding day. Certainly, schedule a time to taste the cuisine at the best wedding venues near Hoboken NJ.

Plan Your Seating Arrangements

As the RSVPs start coming in, you can start planning your seating arrangements and table layout at wedding venues near Bergen County NJ. Divide your guests into groups of categories like work colleagues, friends, family, and more distant relatives. This will help you start envisioning who to seat together. Also, call your skyline wedding venue near Jersey City and ask how many guests can sit at each table. Once you have a good floor plan in-mind, start printing out thoughtful place holders that align with your wedding theme. Indeed, give yourself plenty of time to design the perfect seating layout for your North Bergen wedding day.


Eliminate All The “DIYs”

You already have enough to do when planning your wedding reception NJ. Save yourself the time, stresses, and headaches – and eliminate as many do-it-yourself tasks as possible. At Waterside, we’re here to help you plan every aspect of your luxurious wedding day. We’ve successfully helped hundreds of couples design the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception of their dreams. So, we’d be more than happy to help you cross some to-dos off your list. Leave it to the professionals – so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy every moment of the process. Absolutely, remove as many DIYs as possible when planning your event at reception venues NJ.  

Finalize Every Last Detail

After all your hard planning work, give yourself time to finalize all the little details. This is when your waterfront wedding with a view near Edgewater really starts coming to life. Meet with the executive wedding consultants at your chosen venue to make sure everything is ready-to-go. Double check your timeline, floor plan, seating arrangements, and reception menu. You may even want to put together an “emergency bag,” containing everything you could possibly need for wedding day success. Surely, finalize all the nitty gritty details for your extravagant reception at VIP wedding venues Hudson County NJ.

It is the perfect time to host your special day at the best outdoor wedding venue in North Bergen NJ. Start off by searching for the dream venue. You want to look for somewhere that is modern, mature, and sophisticated. Plus, it should offer a vibrant nightlife Bergen County NJ — perfect for a late-night after-party. Next, select a theme for your special day. You can then start working on the guest list for your major life event. You can also start thinking about the cuisine you’ll be serving guests. After this, it is officially time to start sending out invitations. Follow the points above to learn about hosting your special day at the best outdoor wedding venue in North Bergen NJ.

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