What To Order At The Best Restaurants With A View In NJ

There’s so many amazing items to order at the best restaurants with a view in NJ. New Jersey has a wide range of spectacular restaurants with jaw-dropping, panoramic cityscapes – that guests can enjoy right from their tables. There’s something special about an elegant meal with the added elements of water and blue skies. When planning for a special dinner or evening out, you should know what to order during your next scenic dining experience. Read on to learn what to order at waterfront restaurants with a view NJ.

Mouthwatering Appetizers

Start off your meal with mouthwatering appetizers at the best restaurants with a view in New Jersey. Some appetizers and small plates are the perfect way to prepare for the main course. Stimulate your appetite, tantalize your tastebuds, and sample some of the menu’s most popular flavors. Start with something light – like buffalo mozzarella & tomatoes or fresh artichoke. Or opt for our all-time favorites, such as bang bang shrimp, lobster tacos, or Philly cheese steak egg rolls. Certainly, begin your culinary experience with gourmet appetizers at the top restaurants with a scenic view NJ.   

Local Seafood Cuisine

Amidst breathtaking views of the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline, enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience with local seafood cuisine. There is always fresh, sustainably-harvested seafood available at the best waterfront restaurants in North Bergen NJ. From pan roasted salmon and seared tuna, to savory glazed pacific black cod – there’s something for everybody on this sophisticated, unique menu. You are guaranteed to enjoy sizeable portions, top-quality cuisine, and fantastic service at the best waterfront restaurant with a view in NJ.

Creative Cocktails

Make the night special with a creative cocktail from NJ’s best waterfront restaurants with a view. Pair your gourmet meal with a creative, inventive, and mixologist-crafted cocktail. The top restaurants combine top-shelf spirits with fresh fruits and herbs to prepare drinks that are truly unforgettable. For more of a mature night-out, choose a bottle from a sommelier-selected, refined, in-house wine cellar. There’s also local, craft beers and draft brews which change seasonally. Surely, there’s plenty of amazing beverages to enjoy with the restaurant view overlooking NYC.

Decadent Desserts

After a delicious meal, treat yourself to some decadent desserts from the best restaurants with a view NJ. A fresh, house-made dessert is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth after a meal on the water. Order from a full menu filled with chef-inspired decadent creations. Treat yourself to a big chocolate cake, banana bread pudding, or a strawberry napoleon. You can always go with classics like strawberry cheesecake, assorted ice cream, or crème brûlée. Indeed, finish your meal off with sweet creations from Waterside Restaurant & Catering.

Stay For The Nightlife!

The night doesn’t have to end with dinner! The best waterfront restaurants with a view in NJ are renowned for their nightlife as well. Stay for an evening of live music and entertainment – all with the glimmering lights of Manhattan just miles away. Our nightlife, culinary, and social scene is the perfect way to experience city vibes and energy, all without leaving New Jersey. Enjoy an upscale, after-hours experience with a mature, modern ambiance. Absolutely, be sure to stay for the nightlife at the best waterfront restaurants with a view NJ.

There’s so many great items to order from sophisticated, elegant, and romantic waterfront restaurants with a city view NJ. Start your meal off with some palate-pleasing, mouth-watering, and tastebud-tantalizing appetizers. Next, your ready for the main course. Treat yourself to a delicious meal with fresh, local, and sustainable seafood cuisine. This is a staple at the best waterside seafood restaurants Edgewater NJ. You can even pair your meal with a creative cocktail, craft beer, fine wine, or top-shelf spirit. After dinner, finish your meal with a sweet treat – decadent dessert creations from Waterside Restaurant & Catering. At the end of your culinary experience, you may even want to stay for the nightlife! Follow the points above to learn what to order at waterfront restaurants with a view NJ.

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