Savor The Best Dry Aged Tomahawk Steak NJ Along The Hudson River Waterfront

Get ready to savor and indulge in the best tomahawk steak NJ along the Hudson River Waterfront. Bone-in, dry-aged tomahawk steaks are tender, flavorful, and simply a sight to behold. Paired with waterfront views of the Hudson River and Manhattan Skyline – both your eyes and tastebuds are truly in for a treat. These sophisticated signature cuts are ideal for a special occasion, birthday meal, formal corporate event, or just an exclusive dinner-for-two. As a meat-lover yourself, you should know where to find the best steak and seafood restaurant near Englewood Cliffs. Read on for more about the best dry aged tomahawk steak NJ along the Hudson River Waterfront.  

Reserve A Table

Start by reserving an exclusive table at the best tomahawk steak restaurant in NJ. Easily book a table online with Resy. Here, you can easily customize your party size, choose a date, and select a time that works for you. Or, call +1 (201) 861-7767 or email to make your reservation. If you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or engagement – be sure to mention it when booking your table. Certainly, reserve a table at the best restaurants in NJ – known for tender, rich, and flavorful tomahawk steak.

Discover The Signature Cuts

Take a look at the menu and discover signature cuts from the best tomahawk steak restaurant New Jersey. The tomahawk is always the most popular steak here. These perfectly-marbled, buttery, rich, and dry-aged cuts are known for their unique bone-in appearance. The average tomahawk steak is butchered leaving five to ten inches of bone protruding. This is where the steak gets its signature look and name – resembling a tomahawk, axe, or hatchet. Surely, get an idea of some of the signature cuts at the best restaurant for tomahawk steak NJ.

Choose Your Temperature

Now, choose the right temperature for your expertly-cooked, dry-aged tomahawk steak NJ. Ultimately, the decision is always yours. However, medium rare is generally defined as the perfect temperature by chefs, steak enthusiasts, and carnivore aficionados alike. At mid-rare, your tomahawk steak should have a notable red-to-pink internal color. If you need some help, guidance, or recommendations – speak with your knowledgeable server at best New York City view restaurants in NJ. Indeed, be sure to select the right temperature for your flavorful, mouthwatering tomahawk steak New Jersey.

Pair It With A Fine Glass Of Wine

Elevate the dining experience and pair your tomahawk steak NJ with a globally-sourced glass of wine. Elevate the flavor and taste of your tomahawk steak with a bold glass of red wine. Choose a powerful red wine that can stand up to the juicy, tender flavor from the meat. Since you’re indulging in a well-marbled, fattier dish, you want something that is rich with acidity and tannins. A well-seasoned steak also calls for a wine that is fruiter, lighter glass of red. Our extensive wine list has bottles, glasses, and half-bottles from reputable vineyards located all over the world. If you need help choosing a wine, be sure to ask a server or expert mixologist. Absolutely, you’ll want to pair your tomahawk steak NJ with a bold glass of red.

Choose Some Flavorful Sides

When you’re indulging in a tender, perfectly-cooked, dry-aged tomahawk steak NJ – choose some unique side dishes to go along. You never want to have a lack of flavors when enjoying a flavorful steak. A chef-curated tomahawk steak dinner without any sides is simply incomplete. Variety and diversity is always key. While the steak will still be the main attraction and priority of your table, there’s a few amazing sides that are a must. For a starch, our homemade truffle fries, roasted garlic fingerling potatoes, or creamy mac and cheese are always a great choice. Or, try the baked lobster mashed potatoes – and start a little surf and turf theme. Definitely, choose some flavorful, creative sides to compliment your tomahawk steak NJ.

Elevate your next sophisticated dining experience with the best dry aged tomahawk steak in NJ – paired with captivating views of the Hudson River Waterfront and New York City skyline. To start, reserve a table at the best five star restaurants NJ. Be sure to ask for a table with a view of the river. Next, take a look at the menu to discover some of the signature chops. When ordering, choose the right temperature for your steak. Medium rare is always a safe choice to guarantee flavor and quality. Now, you are ready to choose a globally-sourced glass of wine to go with your meal. You may also want to add in some unique, creative, and flavorful side dishes too. Follow the points above to learn about the best dry aged tomahawk steak NJ along the Hudson River Waterfront.  

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