Celebrate Your Love At The Best LGBTQ+ Wedding Venue NJ

Celebrate your love at the best LGBTQ+ wedding venue in NJ. Waterside Events creates an unforgettable experience, embracing the rich character and authenticity of the LGBTQ+ community. Our in-house weddings team creates a spectacular environment that recognizes your specific theme, vision, and preferences. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind place to get married, leave it to Waterside to make your dream event a reality. Celebrate love and host your wedding at the best LGBTQ+ event venue in NJ.

A Personalized Touch To LGBTQ Weddings In NJ

Add a personalized touch to celebrate your love at the best modern wedding venue near NYC for LGBTQ+ couples. Waterside Events is a unique, customizable venue where you can host the one-of-a-kind wedding you’ve always envisioned. Whether it’s a ceremony on the water, a vibrant cocktail hour, or formal ballroom-style reception – let us make your vision a reality. You can personalize the menu, decor, or the ceremony to match your style. Waterside creates a breathtaking environment and setting, with the customizability to make it feel like yours. Certainly, add a personal touch to celebrate your love at the best LGBTQ+ wedding venue in NJ.

Genderqueer Celebration With A Splash Of Pride Colors

Celebrate your genderqueer wedding day with pride color palates in NJ. Embrace your LGBTQ+ pride through a vibrant color palette that represents your beautiful union. Customize decorations to seamlessly integrate with pride colors – rainbow flower bouquets, napkins, balloons, the possibilities are endless. Just imagine how memorable, bright, and colorful all your wedding photos will turn out. Our in-house weddings team works closely with you and your partner to bring your colorful vision to life. Certainly, Choose LGBTQ+ pride color palates at your wedding in NJ.

Breathtaking Wedding Backdrops

Celebrate your love with breathtaking backdrops from the best LGBTQ+ wedding venues in New Jersey. Waterside’s modern ballrooms create a luxurious ambiance and picturesque backdrop through floor-to-ceiling windows. Located on the banks of the Hudson River, this timeless venue offers stunning waterfront scenery for your wedding pictures. A riverfront setting and skyline views create an unforgettable backdrop for photo-ops, celebrations, and plenty of memories. Combining cityscape vistas with a Hudson River setting, Waterside is truly the perfect location for your same sex wedding near NYC. Definitely, create a picturesque and romantic backdrop at the best LGBTQ+ wedding locations in NJ.

World-Class Cuisine For Your Luxurious Celebration

Celebrate and indulge with world-class cuisine at the best LGBTQ+ wedding venues in Northern NJ. Waterside’s culinary-institute-trained chefs take a quality and detail-focused approach to creating your reception menu – creating unrivaled culinary experiences. Our in-house wedding planners helps you plan hors d’oeuvres, entrees, and cocktail pairings for every important milestone of your big day. The culinary team sources fresh, local, and authentic ingredients to prepare dishes that match any taste or preference. Then, we expert visual presentation, impeccable guest service, and genuine hospitality – creating a complete experience that every guest will remember. Certainly, celebrate your love with world-class cuisine at the best LGBTQ+ wedding venue in NJ.

Capture Unforgettable Moments And Iconic Scenes

Capture unforgettable moments with iconic scenes at the best LGBTQ+ wedding venue in NJ. Waterside’s setting, property, and scenery surely help you capture all the breathtaking moments on your big day. Capture vibrant, modern, and vivid scenes in every space here. You’ll cherish shots of your waterfront ceremony, indoor-outdoor cocktail hour, and timeless reception forever. Not to mention, plenty of captured memories from dancing and funny speeches too. Definitely, celebrate your love and capture unforgettable moments at the best LGBTQ+ wedding venue in NJ.

Host your LGBTQ+ wedding celebration with the best open space wedding venue near NYC. Infuse personalized touches, embrace your identities, and envision a genderqueer celebration adorned with vibrant pride colors. Waterside Events stunning wedding venues offers impeccable backdrops against iconic landscapes, complemented by exceptional catering for a lavish experience. Capture unforgettable moments with colorful scenes, creating memories that showcase your loves beauty. Let our dedicated team elevate your LGBTQ+ wedding with personalized elements, pride colors, breathtaking backdrops, and exquisite catering. Follow the points above to celebrate your love with the best LGBTQ+ wedding venue in NJ.

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