Featured Cuisine From The Best Mediterranean Restaurant Near West New York NJ

There’s so many chef-inspired, palate-pleasing, and tastebud-tantalizing dishes to try at the top Mediterranean restaurant near West New York NJ. The best Hudson County restaurants feature a diverse, authentic, and vibrant menu – freshly house-made by expert chefs. These delicious reflect a commitment to Mediterranean influences, heritage, and cultural roots – all with a modern flare. As a local foodie, you should know where to find memorable dining, culinary, and gastronomical experiences near West New York. Read on to learn about the featured cuisine from the best Mediterranean restaurant near West New York NJ.


Fresh, local, and sustainable seafood is undeniably a big part of chef-curated menus from best Mediterranean restaurant West New York NJ. Filled with bold flavors, delicious fish is a major part of eating and dining the Mediterranean way. Freshly caught, sustainably harvested, and locally-sourced seafood is a staple of neighborhood waterside restaurants near Edgewater NJ. While you’re here, be sure to try the savory glazed pacific black cod and pan-seared tuna. Another great choice is the pan-roasted salmon – served with crushed cannellini beans, smoked country ham, and escarole. To start the meal, there’s a wide range of fresh choices from the raw bar. Order a two-or-three-tier frutti di mare tower, or a half-dozen order of little neck clams. Certainly, order rich, memorable seafood dishes at the best Mediterranean restaurant West New York New Jersey.


In addition, the best Mediterranean restaurants near West New York specialize in meat. Expert, culinary-institute-trained chefs curate tantalizing dishes that carry you to the beautiful shorelines of the Mediterranean. They use intentional ingredients, traditional recipes, and modern cooking techniques to deliver memorable culinary experiences. Every plate is prepared with a passion, commitment, and dedication to authentic Mediterranean cuisine. The best establishments are well known for their dry aged prime tomahawk steak – served with bordelaise sauce. You can additionally sink your teeth into a braised veal osso bucco, filet mignon, or bone-in veal chop parmesan. Surely, experience the Mediterranean through delicious meat at the top restaurants West New York NJ.


While you’re at the best Mediterranean restaurants West New York, be sure to sample some of the pasta as well. Experience an authentic, refreshing, and delicious taste of the Mediterranean. Find a wide variety of pasta dishes – complimented with traditional recipes, personal touches, and Mediterranean seafood. One of the most popular entrees is the black ink pasta, complimented with shrimp, chilis, fresh ground salami, and white wine reduction. Or, order the seafood capellini with lobster, clams, Maine mussels, scallops, and Gulf shrimp – all served in a lobster sauce. Other popular pasta dishes include the fresh pappardelle, homemade lasagnette all Bolognese, and gnocchi in a tomato pesto pork ragu. Indeed, order fresh pasta at the best Mediterranean restaurants near West New York.


You’ll also find several specialty poultry items at the top Mediterranean restaurants West New York. Experience a style of Mediterranean cuisine with a unique flare, exquisite presentations, and time-honored traditions. All of our recipes are curated to be fresh, authentic, and memorable – then delivered right to your plate. The Greek style brick chicken is a popular option, served with baby zucchini, fingerling potatoes, lemon oregano infused olive oil, and candied lemon. For something simpler, order a grilled chicken breast with an arugula and tomato salad – topped with fresh citrus dressing. Absolutely, find a gourmet range of poultry dishes at the best Mediterranean waterfront restaurant North Bergen NJ.


No meal is complete without some fresh and tantalizing sides. The best Mediterranean restaurant near West New York offers plenty of amazing side dishes to complement your meal. Grab an order of brussel sprouts, broccoli rabe, creamy polenta, or sauteed mushrooms. Other popular choices include homemade truffle fries and creamy mac & cheese. Or, some baked lobster mashed potatoes are guaranteed to impress. All of these rich sides feature authentic ingredients and unforgettable flavors – then served by a friendly, welcoming, and attentive staff. Definitely, order delicious sides at the best Mediterranean restaurants near West New York NJ.

There’s so much delicious cuisine to order at the best Mediterranean restaurant near West New York. Start off your meal with a wide variety of locally sourced and sustainably-harvested seafood. In addition, the top waterfront restaurants with a view NJ offer a number of gourmet meat options. Or, you can order some delicious, Mediterranean-inspired pasta cuisine. Also, there’s plenty of incredible poultry dishes to try out. To compliment your meal, be sure to order some tastebud-tantalizing, flavorful, and chef-curated sides. Follow the points above to learn about the featured cuisine from the best Mediterranean restaurants near West New York NJ.

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