What To Get At The Best Waterfront Bar Near Jersey City With Live Music

There’s so much to try at the best waterfront bar near Jersey City with live music. Just minutes away from Jersey City’s thriving downtown, you’ll find some world-class destinations with scenic riverfront views, mixologist-inspired cocktails, fine wines, and mature city vibes. On weekend nights, these sophisticated locations are home to the hottest, most trendy upscale nightlife in Hudson County NJ – complete with live DJ entertainment and VIP bottle service. Get ready for a night you’ll never forget here. Keep reading and find out what to get at the best waterfront bar near Jersey City with live music.

Handcrafted, Mixologist-Inspired Cocktails

A handcrafted cocktail – from our expert team of mixologists – is the best way to start your night at the top waterfront bars near Jersey City. Riverfront locations are the hottest place to grab a raspberry martini, pineapple cosmo, spicy margherita, or coconut mojito. Our spiced pear mule is another popular choice, served with bourbon, pear liquor, lemon juice, and ginger beer. Skilled mixologists are always reinventing, transforming, and elevating traditional cocktail recipes. Absolutely, start your experience at the best waterfront bar Jersey City with a handcrafted, mixologist-inspired cocktail.

Fine, Exclusive Bottle Of Wine

Wine lovers have plenty to choose from at the best waterfront bar Jersey City NJ. Our extensive wine list contains plenty of top-shelf bottles from all around the world – straight from a refined, in-house cellar. Our diverse wine list offers extensive choices from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentia, and New Zealand. We also have domestic bottles from California – including the Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles, Alexander Valley, and Santa Barbara regions. When you’re dining with a smaller group, wines by the glass and half-bottle are always available as well. Indeed, elevate your night at the best waterfront bar Jersey City with a fine bottle of wine.

A Glass Of Sangria

If you’re torn between a cocktail or wine, a sangria is always the right decision. Try our homemade passion fruit sangria – available with both red or white wines. This signature drink is expertly prepared with wine, peach schnapps, apricot brandy, and lemon-lime soda — along with passion fruit, orange, and pineapple juice. This traditional, flavorful, and fruity drink is a great way to start a meal. Order white if you plan on having fresh-caught Mediterranean seafood for dinner. Or, red sangria is a great choice to pear with meat, pork, and poultry – like our dry-aged tomahawk steak. Certainly, order a glass of homemade sangria from the most scenic restaurants with a view New Jersey.

VIP Bottle Service Packages

When you’re celebrating a special occasion, order VIP bottle service packages from the most exclusive waterfront bar Jersey City NJ. Make your next event one that you’ll remember forever. Enjoy exclusive seating, professional service, and mature vibes with these VIP packages. Order a few bottles of champagne, vodka, gin, or tequila for your entire group. Then, get ready to dance and party the night away with DJ music and scenic vibes. Surely, VIP bottle service is always a great choice from the most scenic waterfront bar near Jersey City NJ.

After-Dinner Drinks

After a fantastic meal, order a drink with dessert at the best waterfront bar near Jersey City. Irish coffee is always a great choice – served with your choice of whiskey, topped whipped cream, then drizzled with green crème de menthe. Other popular after-dinner drinks include the Mexican, Jamaican, or Nutty Irishman Coffee. Or, order our signature Waterside Coffee – which comes with Tuaca, Irish Cream, and coffee liquor. Definitely, after-dinner drinks are the best way to finish a world-class meal at waterfront bars Jersey City NJ. There’s so much to order, try, and taste at the best waterfront bars Jersey City. Start your evening at the best Hudson River restaurants NJ with mixologist-inspired, handcrafted signature cocktails. Or, order a bottle of wine from our refined, in-house cellar. If you cant make a decision, our homemade sangria offers the perfect combination of wine and spirits. When you’re staying for the nightlife, VIP bottle service packages are always a great choice. Once you’ve finished your meal, order some delicious after-dinner drinks for the table. Follow the points above and find out what to get at the best waterfront bar near Jersey City with live music.

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