The NJ Waterfront Wedding Venue For Ceremonies And Receptions

Get married at the best NJ waterfront wedding venue for ceremonies and receptions. It’s true, the perfect spot for spectacular “I Dos” exists right here on the Hudson waterfront. With the riverfront’s iconic scenery, backdrops, and vibes — there’s something for every wedding style and theme at Waterside. If you’re planning a one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony and reception, there’s so many incomparable features you are sure to love. Keep reading to learn why this is THE New Jersey waterfront wedding venue.

Romantic Indoor-Outdoor Ceremony Spaces

Wedding venues on the NJ waterfront and renowned for breathtaking indoor-outdoor ceremony spaces. Waterside’s on-site outdoor ceremony space is located just steps away from the water. Our romantic waterfront terrace features striking views of the New York City skyline and Hudson River sunsets. For winter weddings, our unique and luxurious ballrooms can be transformed into an indoor ceremony space. With unobstructed waterfront views and lavish amenities, indoor ceremonies always look breathtaking at Waterside too. Indeed, book the one-of-a-kind NJ waterfront wedding venue for a romantic indoor-outdoor ceremony. 

Stunning Waterfront Backdrops

Discover stunning Hudson River backdrops at the best waterfront wedding venues near Weehawken NJ. This picturesque venue is located just steps away from the water — offering a breathtaking setting for spectacular waterfront weddings. Elevate your big day with a backdrop of glistening water and striking Manhattan skyscrapers. With unobstructed riverfront and cityscape views, there’s endless unforgettable photo-op locations here. Treat your friends, family, and loved ones to beautiful scenery on the most important day of your life. Certainly, host your wedding at NJ waterfront wedding venues with striking backdrops and picture-perfect scenery.

Modern & Versatile Reception Ballrooms

Host your reception in modern and versatile ballrooms at NJ’s top waterfront wedding venue. Waterside’s luxurious Diamond and Opal Ballrooms perfectly set the tone for the most important day of your life. Wall-to-wall windows in both ballroom spaces, the glistening NJ waterfront and twinkling Manhattan skyline will be there for every moment of your reception. For more intimate wedding parties, our semi-private event space downstairs also features striking scenery and amenities. So, you’ll be getting striking waterfront in your wedding photos no matter the ballroom space. Surely, New Jersey’s most unique waterfront wedding venues feature modern and versatile ballrooms.

World-Class, Chef-Inspired Cuisine

Experience world-class, chef-inspired cuisine at NJ’s best waterfront ceremony and reception wedding venue. Waterside is renowned for unrivaled culinary experiences, adding bold flavors and local tastes to your spectacular wedding day. Work with an in-house weddings team and culinary-institute-trained chef to customize gourmet reception menus. Our culinary offerings range from sustainably-harvested seafood to dry-aged tomahawk steaks. And to compliment each dish, order fine wines from Waterside’s refined cellar. Absolutely, indulge in world-class cuisine at the best waterfront wedding venue near New York.

Luxurious & Sophisticated Ambiance

Book the best NJ waterfront wedding venue with a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance. Say “I Do” at a scenic riverfront venue that’s romantic, elegant, and timeless. Being surrounded by breathtaking waterfront views makes the atmosphere here even more special. You couldn’t possibly find a more sophisticated location to host your big day. And of course, our in-house weddings team will help you customize your timeline, layout, menus, and plan — creating the unforgettable ambiance you’ve always envisioned. Definitely, experience the luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere at New Jersey’s best waterfront wedding venues.

A Guide To Touring Waterfront Wedding Venues In NJ

It’s time to tour the best waterfront wedding venues in New Jersey! You’ve already discovered a few venues that meet your criteria & narrowed down your choices. Now, its time for you, your fiancé, and your family to start visiting some venues in-person. Luckily, tours are one of the most fun and exciting parts of the wedding planning process. Get ready to envision the perfect backdrop and style for your wedding day celebration. And just a little wedding-industry-secret, ceremonies and receptions always look more spectacular on the Hudson Riverfront. Keep reading for a guide to touring waterfront wedding venues in NJ.

Book A Tour During Your Dream Wedding Season

Book a tour at waterfront venues in NJ during your dream wedding season. Schedule a tour around the same time of year that you want to get married. Of course, the aesthetics and ambiance can feel different during the winter, summer, fall, or springtime. Thankfully, the Hudson River Waterfront and iconic NYC skyline creates an incomparable atmosphere all-year-round. If you have to tour outside of your dream wedding season, ask for pictures from that time of year. The best waterfront venues near Jersey City have plenty of breathtaking photos from previous ceremonies, receptions, and rehearsal dinners. Certainly, book your waterfront wedding venue tour in NJ during your dream event season.

Get A Feel For The Ambiance & Style

Get a feel for the ambiance and style when touring waterfront wedding venues in NJ. The venue aesthetic should match your personal style and overall wedding theme. If you’re a city-chic couple, you want a venue with modern style, upscale ballrooms, and a luxurious feel. You may also lean towards a vibe that is clean, sophisticated, and stylish. During your initial tour, pay close attention to the interior/exterior architectural style, decor, and personalization potential. You should also get a feel for the lighting – which can greatly impact the mood and vibe of your big day. Indeed, get a feel for the ambiance and style during your tour at waterfront wedding venues in NJ.

Take Lots Of Pictures

Take lots of pictures while touring Hudson River wedding venues in NJ. Make sure your phone’s charged and camera’s ready – you won’t want to miss the breathtaking views at Waterside. In addition to regular photos, video can be especially helpful to narrate your favorite features and key observations. You should also bring along a paper or digital notebook to keep track of important details. After the visit, create a system to organize, sort, and store all your photos. Surely, take lots of pictures during your first tour at waterfront wedding venues in NJ. 

Confirm Your Guest Count

Before you book a tour at waterfront wedding venues in NJ, confirm your guest count. The best riverfront wedding venues have multiple ballroom layouts and semi-private options – so you’ll have choices no matter how many guests you’re hosting. If you don’t have the finalized number yet, that’s absolutely fine. Just plan on going to your tour with a rough headcount. This way, you can start planning seated dinner options, table layouts, and floor plans as early as possible. Definitely, you should have a solid guest count estimate before touring waterfront wedding venues in NJ.

Ask About The Parking Situation

Ask about the parking situation while touring big wedding venues in NJ. Especially in busy Hudson County NJ, look for waterfront venues with ample space for parking. Prioritize guest convenience with Waterside’s professional, friendly, and on-site valet service. Don’t let guests search for parking, spend a fortune, and walk miles to reach the venue on your big day. These amenities are also essential for older guests with disabilities or walking difficulties. Definitely, ask about the parking accommodations during your waterfront wedding venue tour in NJ.  

Host romantic wedding ceremonies and luxurious receptions at the best waterfront event venues near Jersey City. Start your special day with a picturesque ceremony in one of Waterside’s lavish indoor-outdoor spaces. Host your reception in modern and versatile ballrooms featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and Chiavari chairs. Elevate every second of your big day with a striking view of the Hudson Riverfront and NYC skyline. Then, treat your guests to world-class cuisine by a culinary-institute-trained chef-owner. This iconic destination truly captures a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance for the most important day of your life. Follow the points above to learn about the NJ waterfront wedding venue for ceremonies and receptions.

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