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4 Amazing Tips to Help You Plan Your Quinceañera

A quinceañera is an important celebration in the life of a young Hispanic woman. It’s her 15th birthday, and it is significant because it marks a rite of passage into womanhood.

The word quinceañera is a combination of quince, which is Spanish for 15, and año which means year. A young woman’s quinceañera is a big celebration that her family has usually been dreaming about for years in the same way that many families celebrate a girl’s ‘Sweet 16’ birthday party.

Because it’s such a big event, it requires extensive planning, usually at least 12 months or more. To be a success, you want to plan it down to the smallest detail, and these 4 tips are designed to help you do just that.

Begin with a Budget

To avoid a lot of stress, you want to determine how much money you have to spend, and just how much everything you’re planning will cost. According to financial experts, a quinceañera runs between $5,000 and $20,000, so you’ll want to plan wisely.

It’s common for the godparents of the young woman to contribute to the fund for the party, but there’s still a lot of burden on the parents. There are a number of ways you can save on the cost, but it’s important to determine what you have available to cover everything.

Waterside Event’s professional event planners can help you put together a great quinceañera celebration that’s within the limits of your budget. It’s an important moment in a young woman’s life, and they understand how important it is to get it just right without breaking the bank.

Get the Right Venue

This is one of the most critical things on your list, and you’ll want to check it off early in the planning process. Many venues are booked well in advance, and you want to make sure you’ve secured the right place for this important celebration.

There are many reasons why Waterside Events is the right venue for this special day. There are several elegant spaces to choose from, and the professional staff are happy to help decorate them to suit your taste.

The spaces are able to accommodate any size guest list as well as food and beverage services. Additionally, Waterside Events is happy to offer catering services to help you create the perfect meal for the big day.

Waterside Events also has valet parking so that your guests don’t have to worry about where they park. Finally, there’s nothing like the spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline to complement this happy celebration. You’ll treasure the images of your daughter and her attendants posed with the skyline as the backdrop for years to come.

Make the Guest List and Send Out the Invitations

Once you have the venue secured, you’ll want to make your guest list. You’ll also need to select the 14 members of the young woman’s court. These individuals represent the first 14 years of her life.

Once you know who your guests will be, you want to send out ‘Save the Date’ cards and formal invitations. You send out the invitations at least two months in advance, and this is also a good time to reconfirm the final details with the venue.

If you need help with these details – and who wouldn’t? – Waterside Events is pleased to help you with the planning. Their professional event planners have handled many of these kinds of celebrations and can help you plan every last detail. That way you can enjoy it as much as your daughter.

It’s All About the Dress

Just like with a wedding, the quinceañera is all about the dress. Your daughter will be the star of the show, and it will be important that she looks perfect. You’ll need a gown that matches her color scheme.

Just as with her wedding, there are traditional items she’ll need to wear, and once she decked out in that perfect outfit, she’ll truly be the belle of the ball! Your princess will also need a new hairstyle and shoes to go with her dress. Additionally, her makeup will need to be perfect.

Like bridesmaids and groomsmen, her attendants will need dresses and tuxedos to match the color scheme. All of this needs to be chosen and fitted well in advance of the big day. Of course, you can decorate the space to match her colors as well.

Final Thoughts

The quinceañera is one of the most important days in a young woman’s life. It marks her entrance into womanhood, and it’s her first big, formal event where she’s the star of the show. You want everything to be perfect for that special day because you’ll treasure those memories for the rest of your life.

Waterside Events can help you plan and carry out the perfect quinceañera to mark this important occasion. It’s a venue that you just can’t beat for elegance and a stunning view to complement the beauty of your daughter on her special day.

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