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I Dos\’ with a View: Why So Many Choose Waterside for Their Wedding Day

Everyone wants their wedding to be a beautiful event, the memory of which they will treasure for a lifetime. Many people have been dreaming about this day for most of their life, and when the moment arrives that they declare their love for ‘The One,’ they want everything to be perfect. 

To make those fairy tale dreams come true, they’re looking for a luxurious space, a spectacular view, and help organizing an event that will go off without a hitch. They want their family and friends to be talking about their wedding day for years to come.

These are among the biggest reasons that people choose Waterside Events for the special day they’ll remember for the rest of their life. Here is the low-down on the countdown of top reasons people like to say “I do” at Waterside. 

4. All the Amenities

At Waterside Events, the professional staff will work with you to decorate your wedding according to your preferred theme. Whether you want a vintage look or a modern uptown decor, The Waterside staff can help you create the mood you’ve been dreaming about your entire life. 

Another amenity offered at Waterside Events is valet parking. Your guests can arrive in style and enjoy the event knowing that their vehicle will be well taken care of and delivered back to them in mint condition. 

Waterside Events will also provide you with wait staff to ensure your guests are served their food in a timely and professional manner. Your guests will be talking for years to come about your beautiful and well-organized wedding day ceremony. 

3. It’s All About the Food!

The most talked about parts of a wedding are 1) the beautiful bride; 2) the luxurious space; and 3) the feast. At Waterside Event, Executive Chef Gus Shizas will make sure that your guests leave your wedding raving about the scrumptious meal they just ate. 

Chef Shizas and his professional crew will help you design, create, and serve the meal of your dreams. Your guests won’t want for anything; they’ll have tantalizing appetizers, delicious entrees, and memorable desserts including the pièce de ré·sis·tance — the wedding cake. 

The fine dining, valet parking, professional wait staff, and impressive decorations will make your wedding day the talk of the town, but there’s more…

2. The Space

At Waterside Events, there’s a space for every guest list. You can choose from a gorgeous outdoor space with an emergency indoor backup in case of inclement weather or an indoor space with private bathrooms and stunning designs. Whether you want a huge wedding with hundreds of guests or a small family affair, there’s a space that’s perfect for your big day!

All of the spaces at Waterside Events have huge windows with a view overlooking the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline. You’ll dance into the evening as the lights of New York City reflect off the river and dazzle your guests like so many stars in the night sky. 

Spaces come with private bathrooms and plenty of room to accommodate your guests, elegant dining tables, a buffet style serving if you choose, and enough space for the band. These are all incredible reasons to choose Waterside Events as a wedding day venue, but the best reason…the number one reason is…

1. The Stunning View

When you dream about your wedding, you always picture yourself and your beloved celebrating your love in front of an incredible view. Well, you can’t get a better view than the breathtaking Manhattan skyline across the Hudson River. 

Nothing beats that skyline for elegance and panache, and your guests will want to take it all in as they help you celebrate this memorable day. You’ll literally hear your guests gasping in awe as you pose in front of the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River for those all-important wedding day photographs. 

What’s more, every time you see that spectacular and famous skyline, you’ll remember fondly the day you declared your love for one another at Waterside Events. Your wedding day will be remembered as a well-organized, professionally staffed, deliciously catered, event with an amazing view. It will be nothing short of the quintessential event of the season. 

Final Thoughts

Every couple wants their wedding day to be perfect. They want everything to be just as they’ve dreamed it would be, and at Waterside Events, those dreams come true. The professional staff is experienced at turning fairy tale weddings into beautiful realities. 

They will ensure your wedding is decorated to suit your taste, your guests are well-fed and attended to like royalty, and the space can accommodate your wish list. More than that, Waterside Events can guarantee you won’t find a more spectacular view to impress your family and friends as they celebrate your declaration of love.

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