What To Try At The Best Five Star Restaurants NJ That Define Exclusive Dining

There are several world-class five star restaurants NJ that purely define exclusive, sophisticated dining. With the iconic NYC culinary scene as a next-door neighbor, New Jersey has always been home to some truly-coveted, unforgettable restaurants. The best top-rated eateries combine the perfect balance of flavorful cuisine, scenic skyline views, professional service, and mature vibes. As a foodie yourself, you won\’t regret having your next meal here. Read on and learn what to try at the best five star restaurants NJ that define exclusive dining.

Globally-Sourced Wines And Mixologist-Inspired Cocktails

While you’re dining at five star waterfront restaurants Northern NJ, compliment your meal with globally-sourced wines and mixologist-inspired cocktails. You’ll be so thankful these sophisticated, exclusive, and scenic locations have their liquor license. Chef-inspired appetizers and raw bar items are meant to be paired with a refreshing bottle of white wine. Order a top-shelf bottle from Italy, Germany, California, Washington, New Zealand, or France. If you’re going for something more savory – like our dry-aged prime tomahawk steak – a bottle of red is a must. Our extensive menu features refined choices from Argentina, California, and Napa Valley. Certainly, globally-sourced wines and mixologist-inspired cocktails are always a favorite from the best five star restaurants New Jersey.

Fresh Mediterranean Seafood

New Jersey’s top rated five star restaurants are known for fresh, chef-inspired, and locally-sourced Mediterranean seafood. The pan roasted salmon, savory glazed Pacific Black Cod, and pan seared tuna are always a flavorful choice for dinner. To start your meal, order classics from the raw bar – including a ½ dozen oysters, littleneck clams, and colossal crab meat. The best seafood restaurants Englewood NJ combine traditional recipes with fresh, thoughtful, and intentional ingredients. The result, expertly-prepared signature dishes that create unforgettable distinct flavors. When you’re not in the food for seafood, the diverse menu also highlights world-class steaks, veal, and poultry. Surely, fresh Mediterranean seafood is a staple from the best five star restaurants New Jersey.

Dry-Aged, Perfectly-Cooked Steaks

Meat lovers need to try expertly-prepared, dry-aged steaks at the best waterfront five star restaurants New Jersey. There\’s nothing like cutting into a perfectly-cooked medium rare steak. With a complete menu of bold, flavorful cuts — these top-rated locations are a carnivore\’s dream. Sharpen your knives and get ready to try our classic steak frites, filet mignon, or dry aged tomahawk steak. Pair your steak with a side of homemade truffle fries, brussel sprouts, broccoli rabe, or creamy polenta. At a waterfront location with scenic skyline views and mature city vibes, you\’ll have the complete fine dining steakhouse experience. Absolutely, enjoy dry-aged, perfectly-cooked steaks at the best Hudson riverfront five star restaurants New Jersey.

Signature Chef Classics

Indulge in signature chef specialties at the highest rated five star restaurants Northern NJ. Expert, culinary-institute-trained chefs have led the Hudson County dining scene for years now. They\’re known for a seafood-focused, authentic approach to bold, flavorful Mediterranean cuisine. Freshness, seasonality, taste, flavor, and tradition are all at the forefront here. With this approach, chefs strive to help guests rediscover seafood and taste unforgettable Mediterranean recipes. They\’ll help you redefine everything you once knew about fresh-caught seafood fare and the NJ culinary scene. Absolutely, taste signature chef classics at the best five star restaurants NJ.  

Creatively-Prepared Appetizers

The best five star restaurants in NJ offer fine, creatively-prepared, upscale appetizers to start the meal. Begin your fine dining experience with lamb-riblets or lobster tacos while overlooking the Hudson river. Our fresh Gulf shrimp \”al Ajillo\” combines delicious seafood with Latin-American flavors. Innovative culinary influences combine to create delicious appetizer options like our seared sea scallops served with crispy sweet corn polenta, saffron and fresh corn sauce. Once you try our Philly cheesteak egg rolls, they may be all you\’ll ever crave. Of course, order creatively-prepared, upscale appetizers to start your five-star meal at top rated scenic restaurants with a view NJ.

There\’s so much to try at five-star restaurants in NJ that define exclusive, upscale fine dining. Start your meal with globally sourced wines and expert mixologists-inspired cocktails. Fresh Mediterranean food is a staple for the main course. When you\’re not feeling seafood, dry-aged, perfectly-cooked steaks are a must. If you\’re not sure what to order, culinary-institute trained chefs are constantly developing new classics. Before you indulge in the main course, kick your meal off with some creatively prepared appetizers. Follow above for some great dishes to try at the best five star restaurants NJ that define exclusive dining.

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