Does Your Event Need a VIP Experience? 6 Must-Have Amenities to Make It Spectacular

When you’re in charge of organizing an important event, you want to make it something memorable. You want your attendees to feel like VIPs! It’s really the little things you do for them that turn a ho-hum event into a spectacular VIP experience. 

No matter what the purpose of your event, you want your guests to be talking about it for a long time for all the right reasons. Let’s look at 6 must-have amenities that will make your event feel like an experience fit for a king. 

  1. White Glove Treatment

To really make an event shine, you need to make sure you give everything the white glove treatment. You want it to be clean and well-organized so that your guests can see that you have attended to every last detail. 

They will interpret your attention to detail as a sign of how much you value them and their attendance at your event. At Waterside Events, every event space is given the white glove treatment to make your job that much easier. 

  1. Exquisite Cuisine

Food is one of the most important amenities that can turn any event into a feast. Whether you’re serving full meals or just snacks, providing delicious food that is artfully presented will make your guests feel like royalty. 

Waterside Events’ executive chef, Gus Shizas, can help you design a menu for your event that will leave your guests clambering for more! From delicious entrees to tempting desserts, providing your guests with mouth-watering options will make them feel like VIPs. 

  1. That’s Entertainment!

Depending on the type of event you’re organizing, a little entertainment can make it go from ho-hum to fabulous. Whether you want your guests to be able to dance the night away or hear the wise words of a motivational speaker, having enough space for entertainment is essential. 

The spaces at Waterside Events are large enough to accommodate your needs whether you’re bringing in a band or a DJ or you just need comfortable seating and a stage for your speaker. Comfortable Chiavari chairs is another luxurious amenity provided by Waterside Events so that your guests will be able to enjoy the event in style. 

  1. Take Care of the Details

Another way to make your guests feel like VIPs is to take care of the details that can make an event inconvenient. This includes valet parking and having a coat check. When you take care of those little logistical items, your guests feel like you’ve thought of everything to make them more comfortable. 

Waterside Events provides a coat check for their private spaces as well as private bathrooms and valet parking. Your guests will feel like they don’t have to do anything for themselves because you’ve thought of everything. 

  1. Decorate for Your Theme

Decorating your space to suit the theme of your event is another indicator that you’ve thought of everything to maximize your guests’ enjoyment. Whether you need elegant decorations for a black-tie event or fun decorations for a child’s birthday party, decorating appropriately tells your guests you want everything to be perfect for them. 

At Waterside Events, you can decorate the spaces for any kind of theme. There are spaces with enough room for just about any type of decorations, and there are outdoor areas too! 

  1. Give Them Something to Look At

One of the best ways to give your guests a VIP experience is to book a venue with a spectacular view. The location and view at your venue make a big difference in how your guests think about their experience. 

The view at Waterside Events just can’t be beat! Their spaces boast views of the Hudson River and the spectacular Manhattan skyline. Your guests will feel like they are in the lap of luxury and elegance as they look out at the view of one of the most powerful cities in the world!

Final Thoughts

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, you want your guests to feel important. You want them to feel like they are VIPs, but to give them that special treatment, you have to give them a little something extra. 

Nothing makes a guest feel like a VIP more than taking the time to make sure every little detail is just perfect. You want the event space to be clean, spacious enough for entertainment and comfortable seating, and have a breathtaking view. 

With those amenities and some delicious food, thoughtful decorations, and fun entertainment, your guests will feel like stars and your event will be the talk of the town for a long time to come!

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