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Milestone Birthdays Are Just Magical with Waterside Events

Whether it’s your daughter’s quinceañera, your son’s bar mitzvah, or your best friend’s 50th birthday, it’s important to celebrate these milestone birthdays in style! At Waterside Events, the professional staff can help you plan the perfect milestone birthday celebration that will make you happy to be growing older. 

No matter what theme you have in mind, Waterside Events has the space and the staff to help you make it magical. Here are a few ideas for celebrating those important milestones and how Waterside Events can help. 

Blast from the Past

One idea for celebrating someone’s birthday who is older is a ‘blast from the past’ theme. You can hire a band or DJ to play music that was popular in their younger years and ask guests to dress in clothing that was in style then. 

For younger people, you might do something fun like a group scavenger hunt. You can send your guests on a quest to find birthday-related items using hashtags or social media posts, and then you can have them bring their booty to Waterside Events for the party to celebrate. 

At Waterside Events, you can decorate the space to suit any theme you want. There is lots of outdoor space to complement your theme as well as elegant indoor spaces that can be stylishly decorated. 

This is Your Life!

Ask your guests to narrate an event that they shared with the honoree. You can even do it like the old TV show where the celebrant only hears them telling the story and guesses who it is. 

You could also do this by recording the people narrating the events before the party and having the honoree guess who it is before revealing their face. That will bring back happy memories, and it’s a memento the birthday boy or girl can keep forever. 

The Waterside Event spaces have enough room to accommodate your guests, and the professional staff will help you organize everything you need so that you can make your magical birthday wishes come true. They can even help you arrange for a projection screen to show your video. 

Photos for a Scrapbook

Another way to celebrate those milestone birthdays is with photos of the guests as they help the honoree celebrate. You can set up a photo booth and get snapshots of each guest to put in a physical and/or electronic scrapbook. 

You can also have people send you copies of photographs they took with the guest of honor from the past so that you can include those in a one-of-a-kind birthday memento. It will surely be something they will treasure for all the years to come. 

Waterside Events’ spaces are just perfect for setting a photo booth to capture the celebration. You can even decorate the booth for taking fun pictures like those cardboard cutouts of funny characters where you both pose with your head in the cutout. 

Don’t Forget the View!

One of the biggest reasons milestone birthdays are magical at Waterside Events is the stunning view you get with each of the event spaces. Their elegant spaces have a spectacular view of the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline. 

That view will have your guests talking for months after the event. The pictures from the celebration will be something they will treasure for years to come. It also makes a stunning backdrop for any of your planned activities. 

If the milestone birthday celebration lasts into the evening, your guests will be treated to the lights of the Manhattan skyline at night. You won’t find any more magical view than that!

There’s the Food Too!

Of course, any milestone birthday celebration requires a feast for the guest of honor! Waterside Events’ Executive Chef, Gus Shizas, and his professional staff can help you create a feast fit for a king or queen. They can also whip up a birthday cake that’s just right for your guest of honor. 

The food is something your guests will be talking about long after the event, and with the professional staff at Waterside Events serving up the scrumptious dishes, your guests will be salivating with anticipation. 

What’s more, Waterside Events’ spaces can accommodate any type of service you would like for your guests, whether you want food stations, a buffet, or family style. With happy, full stomachs, everything becomes more magical. 

Final Thoughts

Milestone birthdays are important events that require special celebrations. You want the guest of honor to remember them fondly through time. That’s why they have to be magical. 

By holding the celebration at Waterside Events, you can be assured you can create the birthday theme you want for any age. Young and old alike will appreciate the elegant spaces, delicious food, and spectacular view. 

Waterside Events can help you make your special guest of honor feel the love from all their friends and family. That’s truly a magical celebration!

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