Bar Mitzvah

How to Plan an Unforgettable Bar Mitzvah with Waterside

A Bar Mitzvah is a milestone in a young boy’s life. It marks his transition into spiritual adulthood, and it’s the perfect occasion for a celebration. 

Typically, the Bar Mitzvah ceremony is held on the first Shabbat after a boy’s 13th Hebrew birthday, but in Orthodox communities, it is often held on a Monday or Tuesday morning depending on the date of the boy’s birthday. 

Whenever it is, the Bar Mitzvah can be a stressful time, particularly if you haven’t had a chance to plan for it. That’s why Waterside Events created this checklist for you to use as you plan an unforgettable celebration for this important occasion. 

Choose the Date

This is the first thing to do so you can be sure of when you need to be ready. The first step in choosing a date is finding out from your synagogue when your son is ‘due.’ They’ll be able to give you an exact date, and then, you can plan for the main events. 

The main events for the Bar Mitzvah include the party, the Kiddush luncheon which is typically immediately after the ceremony, and the traditional Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel if that’s something you’re able to do. 

Once you know the date, you can take care of the arrangements for each of these main Bar Mitzvah events. 

Set Your Budget

Before you go any further, you really need to know how much money you have available to spend on the event. Waterside Events can work with you to help you stay within the limits of your budget and still plan and carry out an elegant, enjoyable celebration. 

By setting your budget, you will alleviate a lot of stress since you’ll know exactly what you can spend. If it’s within your budget, you might consider hiring an event planner since they can help take some of the workload off your shoulders. 

Create a Guest List

You might be thinking you should book a venue first, but that’s a rookie mistake. If you book the venue first, you might not have a large enough space to accommodate your guests. On the other hand, if you end up with fewer guests than you thought, you can save yourself some money by booking a smaller space. 

It’s also a good idea to invite 10 percent to 20 percent more people than you’re expecting to actually attend. That way, you will be able to book a venue that’s got enough room to accommodate everyone without being too big. 

Book the Venue

This is where Waterside Events really shines. You can choose between several elegant spaces that can accommodate any size quest list. Whether you’re having lots of guests or just a few close family and friends, Waterside Events has a space to meet your needs. 

What’s more, Waterside Events offers a view that just can’t be beat. Your guests will be delighted as they gaze out on the Hudson River and at the stunning Manhattan skyline beyond. It’s also a great backdrop for those memorable Bar Mitzvah photos. 

You’ll want to book your venue space at least nine to twelve months in advance since the spaces fill up with bookings quickly. 

Find a Caterer

Now that you know about how many people to expect as well as the venue and date of the celebration, it’s time to design the meal service. You’ll need to choose the type of service you want from among the following choices: 

  • Buffet
  • Food Stations
  • Plated Service
  • Hybrid Service (any combination of the above choices)

Once you know the service style, Waterside Events’ executive chef, Gus Shivas and his knowledgeable staff can help you design a meal that will leave your guests feeling full and content. 

Choose a Theme

One of the most important decisions you’ll make is the theme for the Bar Mitzvah party. This is actually a decision your son should make since it’s his party. The theme may be a sports theme, a musical theme, or something else like a beach or tropical theme. 

The theme really depends on your son’s taste and interests. It should be something he loves, and it’s important that he has a role in making the decision for his big day. Once you know the theme, your Waterside Events space can be appropriately decorated for this milestone in your child’s life. 

Final Thoughts

A Bar Mitzvah is an important milestone in your son’s life, and it needs to be celebrated. It’s the time for family and friends to gather to witness your son’s transition into spiritual adulthood.

The professional staff at Waterside Events understands just how important this day is, and they will work with you every step of the way to plan and execute the perfect Bar Mitzvah celebration. So, mazal tov, and let the party begin!

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