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Need to Organize a Company Party? 4 Reasons to Choose Waterside Events

It’s that time of year where companies everywhere are planning their holiday parties. It’s time to ring in the new year with lots of good will and plans for the coming year. 

If you’re in charge of organizing the fun, you want a place that can accommodate all your colleagues, provide them with a good meal and space to enjoy it, and there’s still room to set up for work-related presentations and dancing after the work is done. 

Waterside Events can offer you all of that and more. Their event spaces are elegant and can be decorated to suit your theme. What’s more, there are numerous amenities that give your office party that extra elegance that all your colleagues will remember.They also have an award-winning executive chef, Gus Shizas, who can arrange for a sumptuous meal, and the cherry on top is the incredible view of the Manhattan skyline. 

Let’s explore each of these 4 reasons you should choose Waterside Events for your company party. 

  1. Event spaces

Waterside Events has several spaces to choose from, both private and semi-private, where you can celebrate with your colleagues. You can choose from two private event spaces – the Pearl Gallery and the Opal Ballroom – complete with private restrooms, white glove service, and stunning views. 

If you don’t need such a large space, you can also opt for one of their two semi-private spaces – the River Room and the Ocean Room. All of the event spaces at Waterside are elegantly decorated and offer comfortable spaces to enjoy the event that celebrates your business. 

You can also arrange for entertainment and any equipment needs you might have for presentations. Waterside Events can help you take care of those details so that you’ll catch the boss’s attention with this winning location.

  1. Catering

Of course, any successful party always has something good to eat, and in fact, that’s going to be a main topic of conversation around the water cooler for some time. For that reason, you want to make sure you make a favorable impression, and Waterside Events can help you do just that. 

Waterside Events’ Executive Chef, Gus Shizas is a graduate of the CIA Culinary Institute, and he, along with his professional staff, can help you design a meal that will have your colleagues raving about it for months after the party is all over. 

Chef Shizas is an expert at designing those decadent desserts, tantalizing appetizers, and mouth-watering entrees that will please even the pickiest eater. With the meals he can help you design, you’ll receive accolades from your coworkers for the rest of the year and set a high standard for topping the party you organized!

  1. Amenities

Aside from the elegant spaces and delicious food, Waterside Events offers several amenities that come with their spaces. There is valet parking and a coat check so your coworkers can enjoy the event in comfort and style without worrying about their car or their coats. 

Each of Waterside’s spaces receives white glove service, and they provide one wait staff for every ten to twelve guests so your guests’ every need will be attended to promptly. You can also choose from various table sizes and selection and assorted linens to complement them. 

Finally, there are comfortable Chiavari chairs and lounge furniture as well as cocktail furniture to ensure everyone can feel at home. These are the special touches that Waterside Events is proud to offer so your office party can be a glowing success.

  1. The View

Finally, there’s the view – the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline. Waterside Events is in the perfect location for viewing the river and New York City. 

Your coworkers will be dazzled by the sparkling lights of the city at night, and by day, the skyline is the perfect backdrop for stunning photos that can decorate the office in the coming year. 

The view is really the cherry on top of the office party to end all office parties. With all that Waterside Events can offer plus a stunning view, well, the next office party organizer will have to work really hard to top the precedent you set. 

Final Thoughts

Organizing an office party can be a stressful task. After all, the boss is trusting you to make sure every detail is taken care of, and if you organize it well, he or she is sure to notice. Waterside Events understands just how important it is to get it right so that you can bask in the afterglow of a job well done. 

That’s why Waterside Events is proud to offer luxurious spaces, fine-dining options from an award-winning chef, and standard amenities that will ensure your success and make your job organizing this event much easier. Finally, the view is quite simply unbeatable! It’s a winning combination that’s sure to make this office party a real feather in your cap – who knows, you might even get a raise! 

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